Where To Find Side Jobs Online and From Home

Michael Dinich
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Today it is easier than ever to work side jobs from home. If you have a computer, an internet connection, and a little drive, you can also make good money from home.

Since the pandemic started, more people have learned to work from home, whether at their current job or doing something else on the side.

The money you earn from a side hustle is great for paying off debt, saving for a considerable expense (down payment on a home, buy a car, etc.), or to have a little extra ‘fun money.’

Ready to learn how you too can work side jobs online and at home for extra income? Let us dive in!

Side Jobs Online

The internet opens a world of possibilities for side income. You do not need to be a computer expert to start an online side job. If you can turn the computer on, navigate the internet, and have a few specialized skills, there are many side jobs online you can do in your spare time.

Before you get overwhelmed, think about what you love to do. Think of all passions in your life, and chances are you will begin finding legit side jobs online that coincide with what you love.

Check out the most popular ideas to make money online below.

1. Start a Blog

If you love to write and have a passion for a specific topic, start a blog. You will not make money right off the bat blogging, but you can with a little persistence (and advertising). First, you must grow your audience.

Write engaging posts and share them on your social media accounts, and you will grow your following. Write about things people want to know about, and do not forget about using SEO. When you have a decent following, monetize your blog.

Sign up with affiliate networks or partner with specific brands. Every time someone clicks on your link and buys something, you earn a small commission.

The small commissions add up to a nice side gig income.

Start Blogging

2. Freelance Writer or Proofreader

If you don’t want the trouble of managing your own blog but can write, be a freelance writer or proofreader. Business owners need both. Whether they cannot write or do not have the time to keep up with it, business owners love to outsource this task.

Search for freelance writing jobs on Fiverr or Upwork and price your services accordingly. See what other writers or proofreaders charge and offer and see how you can offer something slightly different to fill the void as a freelancer.

Start Freelancing

3. Online Tutor

Now is the perfect time to use your teaching skills online. You can make money teaching from your own home using a platform like VIPKid or TutorMe. You could also start your own gig if you know people who need tutoring services.

All you need is a video chat service (Zoom is great) and the props to teach the subject you are an expert. If you work for a specific platform, you will need to prove your credentials — Bachelor’s degree and/or teaching certificate. Even if you start your own thing, it is always good to reassure parents of your expertise and ability to help their child.

Become a Tutor

4. Data Entry

If you want something ‘mindless’ but that brings in some side cash, offering data entry services is a good starting point. Be careful with offers looking for data entry specialists.

Many are scams. If you are good at data entry, though, start a gig on Fiverr or Upwork and advertise your services. This is a service many businesses outsource because they do not have the time to keep up with it, yet it is an integral part of running any business.

Get Started in Data Entry

5. Social Media Manager

If you love all things social media, make a little extra cash helping business owners who do not understand it. Many small businesses need a presence on all social media platforms — Facebook, Instagram, and even Pinterest. Pick your favorite platform and offer your services to manage social media.

Social media managers usually offer monthly packages to make the most money. Plus, it makes more sense to set up a monthly marketing plan as nothing works overnight. If you have a proven history as a social media consultant, helping grow a company’s social media presence, share the details with potential clients to win them over.

6. Take Online Surveys

If you want something low-key that you can do while watching TV or sitting in the doctor’s waiting room, sign up with survey sites for a great online side hustle. You get paid to take market research surveys, answering questions about brands, companies, and products.

Companies and brands use the information to shape their products and services, whether they are new products or services or existing. Most surveys take no longer than 15 minutes, and you can make a few dollars doing it.

It does not sound like much to take surveys, but every dollar adds up, and if you sign up for a few survey sites, you can bring in some decent cash.

Best Survey Sites

  1. Join Survey Junkie
  2. Join InboxDollars
  3. Join Mypoints


7. Sell Clothing Online

Another way to earn money and start side hustling is to sell clothing online. You can make money selling clothing online in two ways.

The easiest is to sell clothing you no longer want. If you have a closet full of designer clothing, sell it on Poshmark. You can list your designer clothing on the site, hold clothing parties, and even create ‘closets’ for people to shop.

If you are crafty, sell clothing online on sites like Etsy or create your own website. Whether you make designer t-shirts, accessories, or even masks — men and women love buying unique clothing, allowing you to make money doing something you love.

Start Selling Clothing Online

Side Jobs From Home

If working online does not entice you, anyone can do plenty of home jobs to start earning money today! Here are some of the best side jobs you can do from home to earn extra cash.

8. Rent your Car

If you do not use your car often or a second car that sits unused, rent it on Turo when you need extra money. It is super easy to sign up, and Turo screens all potential renters.

They even provide insurance and 24/7 support. Of course, they take a piece of the profit — usually 15–35%, but you make money doing nothing except listing your car for rent.


9. Flip Items

Are you a deal-seeker? Do deals seem to pop out at you wherever you go? Grab the deals while you can and sell the items for more! It is just like flipping houses, but a lot cheaper and more accessible for most people.

If you have a knack for finding what people need/want, you could make a decent side hustle income from shopping and selling!

Start Flipping

10. Mystery Shopper

While mystery shoppers have to leave the house, it still made our list of side gigs from home because of how easy it is. If you love to shop and have great attention to detail, sign up to be a mystery shopper. You get assignments to visit certain stores and make a particular purchase.

Once home, you write up a report about your experience. Stores and brands use mystery shopping services to determine how their stores are doing when ‘big brother’ is not watching.

Guide to Mystery Shopping

11. Become a Notary

You must go through the state to get appointed as a notary, but it is not as overwhelming as it sounds. Many people have become notaries to make extra money, and it has paid off.

Notaries do many things, including overseeing important document signings, work as loan closing agents, and even officiate weddings.

Check out the process to sign up in your state and figure out how you want to use your notary public designation. Even overseeing important document signings can make you decent side income as it is a needed service that you can charge a reasonable price for.

12. Customer Service Rep

Make some extra money as a customer service representative. Companies are always looking for representatives to answer phones and help customers with their questions and problems. Today, many customer service reps work from home. If you have a quiet area to work and answer phones and work the hours needed by companies looking for customer service reps, it is a great way to make a side income from home.

13. Event Planner

Are you always the one planning your get-togethers? Why not get paid for something you love to do? Choose your niche, whether kids’ parties, adult parties, weddings, bachelor/bachelorette parties, or retirement parties, and advertise your services.

Once word gets out, you will likely be in high demand. Do a great job, and word will spread, especially if you and your clients share your pictures on social media.

Get Creative with your Side Jobs Online and from Home

The sky is the limit working your side jobs and making money online and from home. Whether you work your 9 to 5 still and want to earn extra money with flexible hours, or you want to break out from the norm and start your own side hustle today, there are numerous opportunities!

Start with your passions — the things you love to do, and the chances are that you will find a lucrative side hustle or two that you can do from home and have unlimited income potential.

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