Rock Out With These Awesome Free Music Apps


8tracks is a free music app that offers listeners access to playlists, handcrafted by other listeners. A great feature of the app is that it allows users to create profiles, where they share their favorite playlists or post ones they have created. Users can “like” other users’ collections, playlists, or add some of the other users’ favorite tracks to their playlist.


AccuRadio provides almost 1000 different channels to users. Through these channels, users can select unique options such as themed composer channels or mood focused music. It’s a different take on music streaming and one that allows a little less flexibility in choice than other apps.

Apple Music

Apple Music is not a free app. We want to set the stage that we know this fact, and we don’t want you to think we don’t. Apple Music does offer users a free 30-day trial to give those interested a glimpse into what membership offers.


Deezer is similar to other platforms like Pandora and Spotify. You have the option to utilize it in a free capacity. However, you’ll have to tolerate ads and a limited number of skips. It’s worth mentioning, in the free version, you’ll only have access to music when your mobile device connects to Wi-Fi.

I Heart Radio

I Heart Radio offers users a unique twist on free streaming. While other platforms limit users to listening to music, I Heart Radio provides access to radio stations around the country and podcasts.


Jango reminds us of an older Pandora. With straightforward, user-friendly navigation, it’s an easy option for someone less experienced with technology.


Pandora is one of the free music streaming app world’s originals. Despite the app’s longevity in the field, they’ve managed to stay ahead of the curve with their offerings, while still maintaining a free option.

Slacker Radio is now known as LiveXlLive Powered by Slacker

Slacker Radio recently underwent re-branding when they joined forces with LiveXLive. A fresh new aspect of this partnership is the option to listen to music live. The site boasts that no other platform offers this option. We haven’t done our comprehensive research on this claim, but we do admit that this is the first time we’ve seen this listening choice.


A final option we like is Spotify. Spotify operates much like the other platforms we’ve mentioned above. With the ability to create playlists, we love this app as one that will enable users to take full control of their music listening experience.

The Bottom Line

Streaming free music has never been easier. You can find a myriad of free options to create soundtracks for every day of your life. If you want to create memories to music, 2019 is the time to do it.



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