Reasons to Sell Used Cell Phones Online Instead of Locally

There are many used cell phone sales companies online, but a few qualities make it stand out against the competition. SellCell provides a safer solution to selling electronics.

In this review, I’ll share how to sell your cell phone securely online through this company and why you should avoid selling locally through the Facebook marketplace.

SellCell Review: How it Works

When you trade-in your cell phone, mobile carriers are likely to pay only a small fraction of the market value, similar to when you’re trading in an upside-down car.

You want to get the most out of your used cell phones, but there are a right way and a wrong way to go about selling used electronics for a profit.

SellCell is the largest mobile phone and tablet comparison site in the USA. They compare prices from all leading BuyBack buyers to ensure you get the maximum cash for your mobile devices.

Instead of trading in your used cell phone or mobile devices with your carrier, check SellCell first. In most cases, they can offer up to 25% more than your carrier!

They even offer a Best Price Guarantee! More on that in a minute. 🙂

How to Safely Sell Used Cell Phones through Sell Cell

1. Safety -

This is the number one reason not to risk selling your used phones locally.

The thing is thieves, target folks online in the marketplace. They set up fake profiles, made to look real. They say they’re interested in buying your item, and then when it’s time to meet up, they steal it from you.

This happened to a couple of friends of mine recently. They had switched cell phone providers and wanted to try out Samsung vs. iPhone. They were unhappy with Samsung and the Android OS compared to iPhone and Apple. So they set out to sell their two Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s. Now we all know these phones aren’t exactly cheap.

So the sales price was over $500 for each phone, and they set up to meet a young, 20-something woman.

Well, the woman had a couple of men with her, and the second they put their hands on the phones, they hopped in their car and took off…without paying.

Because it was a fake name and fake Facebook profile, it was difficult to track down the thieves. Don’t let this happen to you. Stay safe and sell your used cell phones online through

You can see what your device is worth here.

2. Get the Most Money for Your Used Cell Phones Guaranteed -

Have you ever tried trading in your cell phone, only to be offered pennies on the dollar? How is that fair?! You paid over $800–1000 for a device, and now your carrier wants to provide you with $150 for it!?

SellCell offers the Best Price Guarantee. Here’s the fine print.

4 Steps to Selling your Cell Phone Online

The first thing you need to do is perform a search for your specific device. Be sure to look up in your settings to see how many GB your cell phone is. For instance, an iPhone 6S Plus with 64 GB will sell for a bit more than one with just 16 GB of storage.

Be honest about the condition of your phone. You’ll choose from Like New, Good, Poor, and Faulty. You’ll see a list of vendors and what they will pay! Choose the best deal for your phone!

After you’ve secured the best price for your device, follow instructions provided by SellCell and ship your used cell phone or tablet to the vendor! Easy peasy!

It’s time to get paid! Once the cell phone vendor receives the phone, they’ll inspect it to ensure all is as advertised, and then they’ll initiate payment through your preferred method requested. That’s it!

We are in the process of practicing KonMari (the life-changing magic of tidying up). Selling old cell phones (even damaged ones) is a great way to make extra cash and clear the clutter!

You can use the money from what you sell decluttering to help pay off debt, save for an emergency fund, pay for a vacation, or even start your own online business! As someone who’s extremely budget-conscious and wants to earn top dollar for my sales, I’ve found that SellCell is one of the best and safest ways to make money selling used electronics.

Originally published at on July 16, 2019.

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